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We work with individuals and families as they move in or out of the Houston area, and we work with both their employers and/or the assigned relocation companies involved. The objective is to enable a seamless, painless transition for the transferee family. At Homemax, we understand that this transition is multi-faceted, involving financial, logistic, housing, cultural, and lifestyle dimensions.

Services for Transferring Families

Here are some of the services we provide for families and individuals looking to relocate to the Houston area, either from another Texas location, or from another state, or from overseas:

Pre-Move Familiarization Assistance

This can take the form of phone calls, Skype calls, or other ways of audio-visual communication. We will address topics like:

  • General overview of the Houston area, it’s distinct market areas, the cultural/arts landscape, and the various lifestyle choices available.
  • Overview of the Texas legal system as it relates to Real Estate transactions, mortgage and loan regulations, banking, the school system, health, etc.
  • The transferee family’s particular needs, relocation and logistic timeframes, and the specific home search criteria to be followed.

Relocation Packet

Based on the results of the initial phone interviews, we will provide the transferee family with our Relocation Packet, which contains helpful information on all the aspects of our clients’ move.

Preliminary Area Tours

Most employers allow for scouting visits to the area by the family, in advance of the move. We will tailor a customized tour that can include the following components:

  • A whirlwind house-search tour in the major target communities in view.
  • Visit to the major landmarks of Houston, touristic spots, major shopping venues, recreation/entertainment outlets, and cultural/arts, educational and religious venues.
  • A taste of the local restaurant scene and representative cuisine are typically very welcome!

Home Purchase / Transitional Living

When the purchasing decision is made by the relocating family, we will manage all the aspects of the offer and contract at all phases on behalf our client. We will manage inspections, we will interact with lenders, logistic companies as needed, in order to ensure a pain-free Real Estate purchasing experience. By the time the plane actually lands in Houston, we strive to have the home ready for occupation, or have allowed for transitional living solutions as the newcomers get settled in comfortably.

Relocation Lifecycle Management

When the time comes for the client family to again pack their bags to move out, we stand ready to manage the “outbound” phase of this adventure. We will market the property accordingly to be sold for top price and terms, or we will manage the property on behalf of the owner or employer as dictated by each particular situation.

Corporate Relocation Services

On the employer side, we will interact dynamically with the Corporation or third-party entity, and we will tailor a program to follow the relocation guidelines of each business entity. We strive for a long-term relationship with employers and relocators, and we will assign a dedicated Client Service Manager to supervise all the inbound and outbound logistics for their transferring employees or for group relocations.

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