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I’d Like to Sell

Thinking of Selling?

No one simply wakes up one day and out of the blue says “I think today is a good day to sell this house”. On the contrary, the decision to sell is arrived at very intentionally, as a response to specific life events that require a particular change of living accommodations. The most common life circumstances that prompt our clients to ponder the question are:

  • A growing family
  • A job change or relocation
  • A change in the living conditions of the community
  • A change in the academic performance of the schools nearby
  • An illness, divorce or death in the family
  • The age, functionality or mortgage payoff of the home
  • The decision to embark in a construction project of a new residence
  • It’s time to get that pool or lakefront view that you always wanted!
  • And many other lifestyle-related factors…

Whatever your reason (or combination of reasons) for needing to sell, please know that we at Homemax have had to encounter it before, and are willing and able to guide you through all aspects of the selling process. It may mean navigating through any of the following situations:

  • Becoming a temporary tenant of the person that just bought your house
  • Coordinating simultaneous closings for two properties
  • Signing papers on the sale of your home remotely or even from overseas
  • Negotiating other special situations or “contingencies”
  • Conducting major remodeling efforts or staging the property to extract its maximum value

Rest assured, we will guide you through the various gyrations of your particular situation and we will close on time and with minimal disruption.

Steps to Take:

  1. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. This meeting can be either at our office, or we can visit you at your home.
  2. We will put together a comprehensive market analysis of your property.
  3. We will ascertain the marketability conditions of your home and will suggest steps to take before listing the home for sale.
  4. We will explain fully all the costs involved and will provide you with the net proceeds amount that you should expect to receive at closing.
  5. We will present to you our comprehensive marketing plan for the listing of your property, which typically consists of a combination of printed material dissemination, posting on social media, syndication to the major Real Estate portals, e-mail campaigns, and conducting an Open House or two, at a minimum.
  6. We will go over all the forms, addenda and related documents before signing a Listing Agreement.
  7. We will keep you fully updated on the process as it moves from listing, to contract, to contingencies negotiation, all the way through closing.

Call us today or fill out our Contact Form to get started!

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