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We are a full-fledge residential Real Estate brokerage, which means that we routinely help all kinds of folks with their Real Estate needs. However, we tend to specialize in the Fort Bend county area, assisting buyers and sellers, and that keeps us plenty busy.

We have designed specific “Programs” to address the most-common life situations and plans of our growing client base.


The needs of the first-time homebuyer are very unique, and we have a sistematic, step-by-step program designed for him or her. As a first step, we encourage the buyer to attend one of our free “Homebuyer Seminars” that we offer twice a year. The second step is a one-on-one consultation to explain the different down-payment assistance programs available at the city, county, state and even Federal levels, and decide on the best alternative for the specific situation at hand. Please contact us for more information.

We start working with prospective buyers months before they actually expect to be able to purchase. We offer “credit wellness” services, since we don’t believe in “credit repair”. Since a consumer’s FICO score is only a metric of underlying deeper behavioral and attitudinal issues, what has to be “repaired” are the financial paradigms and habits affecting that consumer’s view of money and credit. If you would like to know more about our approach, please contact us here!

We work with relocation management companies and various-sized Corporations to assist their workforce in settling in the Houston area successfully. Learn More.

We assist American residents with buying property in other countries, and we also help foreign nationals to secure properties in the United States. Contact us to learn more!

The luxury Real Estate buyer is looking for more than simply a nice home. For this buyer, the process and experience has to be in accordance with the actual property ultimately chosen. We understand the financing options involved, the floor plans and upgrades available, and have customized a unique program for you. Contact us to learn more!

For our Veterans returning home, we work with the major VA Financing programs and can get you into your dream home with essentially zero cash outlay! Contact us to learn about all the options available.

If you are in the market for new construction instead of looking for resale properties, we have tailored a specific program for your needs! Learn More…

For buyers that don’t have permanent legal status in the U.S., we work with specialty lenders and with sellers to assist them in securing a suitable home. Contact us to learn more!



We will coordinate the timing of both transactions on your behalf, so that you can move into your new home without having to spend days in a hotel waiting for your home to sell. Contact us to learn more!

Contact us for our flat-fee, no bells-and-whistles listing program for repeat sellers that have gone through the process before.

There are times when a property needs to undergo extensive repairs to be able to sell at a profit. We work with a loyal group of contractors that know what it takes to enhance the market value of your home with a few strategic remodeling ideas! Contact us for our exclusive repair/remodeling service and pay us back at closing!

Sometimes, going for our full staging services makes sense. Let us help you turn your home into a “model home” in order to extract the full value of your property and shorten the sales cycle! Contact us for more information.



Landlords in the Greater Houston Area have become increasingly demanding with their leasing criteria. We will help the prospective renter to secure their most suitable home by following our application and qualification procedure.Learn More…

At Homemax, we welcome the opportunity to list properties for lease, and be able match the right lease home with one of our renter clients. We advise the property owner on all aspects of leasing, including how to make the property rent-ready, what level of rent the landlord can expect to receive for that particular property, and what the return on investment is expected to be for the medium and long term. Contact us at your convenience to engage our leasing services.

We have a growing number of properties of all types that we manage for landlords. We offer a turn-key management solution that takes away the stress and guesswork of dealing with tenants, contractors, and service providers.Learn More…



Are you a cash buyer, and are you ready to pull the trigger at any time? Foreclosure listings represent a small segment of the listing market at present, and many are offered via online /auction platforms that have their own quirks to them and require quick response times. Let us help you find that investment property for you!

We assist cash investors locate REO properties before public listing. We also conduct marketing campaigns to identify true pre-foreclosures before becoming lender-owned.

Let us help you rehab your just-purchased investment property, list it back with no delay, or just let us manage it as a rental for you. Learn More…

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