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Daniel Lopez,  Broker
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      Daniel has his passion to train, mentor, and motivate our agents to bring out their maximum potential. He is the ultimate “numbers guy” and brings with him his prior engineering and financial management experience.


      If you're reading this, you can now stop looking for a realtor--Daniel is your guy for both buying and selling. On the buying side, he does far more than just open houses for you to look at. From the second he steps out of his car, he's looking; he'll tell you any foundation fixes or possible red flags, whether the roof looks old or damaged, flooring differences, potentially repaired leaks, odd setups that could get on your nerves, etc. He examines each house and gives you honest feedback. When you're ready to put in an offer, he looks up and shows you the market analysis before suggesting an offer. He genuinely wants to ensure you get into a great new home at an appropriate price. On the selling side, he makes it ridiculously easy. Daniel will go over all the options you have in terms of timing and the market conditions. And he's spot-on when it comes to how fast a house will sell. I felt like our house would never sell because it wasn't picture-perfect, but he told me it would go very quickly/we'd likely need a leaseback. Our house was under contract after about 5 days on the market. His photographer is amazing and exceptionally patient. We were still living in the house, so we had to remove many items from each room for every shot. The photographer helped move everything. At one point, our dog tugged off his leash and licked the photographer in the face. I felt terrible, but the photographer thought it was hilarious. Choose this guy. He'll help you find your dream home at a reasonable price and sell your former house quickly at a great price. He'll answer all 1,000 questions that you have very patiently and promptly. Thank you so much for all you did for us, Daniel!

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